There are many types of day care for pre-school children in Asker Municipality, ranging from full-time services five days a week to open centres where parents can drop in with their children on a voluntary basis.

There are about 60 full-time day care centres in Asker, some of them run by the municipality and some of them managed privately. The municipality day care centres follow a common set of rules regarding structure, pricing and placement criteria, while the private centres follow their own by-laws. In general, these centres provide care for children from ages 1 to 5, though not all have facilities for the youngest children. For more information, please contact the Asker Municipality Service Centre on Telephone: 66 90 90 90.

Another option is full-time day care for children from ages 1 to 3 in private homes. Though normally not run by persons with formal education in pre-school care, family day care centres receive guidance and assistance from trained personnel. There are 7 private and 1 municipal family day care centres in Asker. For more information, please contact Familiebarnehagene, Telephone 481 30 056.

The maximum price per child for full-time day care, whether municipal or most of private, is NOK 2 440 per child. From 1st of May the price is NOK 2 580 per child. An additional monthly fee for food comes on top of this, ranging from NOK 100 to NOK 500. There is a discount of 30% for the second child and a discount of 50% for the third child.

The links in the right hand column of this page provide a good overview of the names, addresses, telephone numbers and a comparison of fees for all private and municipal day care centres in Asker.

These are drop-in centres for parents who are at home with their children during the day, providing an opportunity to meet other parents and for children to find playmates. There are three open day cares in Asker. All are run by qualified pre-school teachers and there are no fees or registration.

Outdoor pre-schools or "nature kindergartens" are a growing trend in Norway. Nationwide, there are 350 centres where children spend at least four hours of the day outside. Nature kindergartens put emphasis on being in and learning from nature through all seasons of the year. Two day cares in Asker offer full outdoor programmes, while a number of others have outdoor groups where children rotate for a few weeks at a time between "normal" pre-school and outdoor pre-school.

The Municipality coordinates the process of applying for placement in regular and family day care centres, both municipal and privately-run. The municipal pre-school day cares follow standard selection criteria, while the private day cares have their own rules based on the day care's by-laws. These rules can be obtained by contacting the individual day care centres. Here is a combined list of all day care centres in the municipality with links to the individual centres' websites.

The deadline for applying for day care is March 1st each year. A child must be a resident of Asker from August 1st of a given year to be eligible for placement. You can obtain an application form at the Asker Municipality Service Centre or you can apply electronically.

Day cares are the most important arenas for integration and language training for pre-school children. Children who speak minority languages should have at least two years in day care before they start school in order to achieve a level of Norwegian language competence necessary to function well in school.

Children with special needs are also prioritized in the selection process for placement in day care centres