Hval Gård and Vepsebolet barnehager is community owned kindergartens run as one unit.

160 Children, aged 1-6 years are filling the different groups. The different groups  are placed in classical and specially purpose made buildings. They are all close to the forests and the sea. We are placed in some of the most picturesque areas of the Asker community. It is a short distance to public transport like buses. We also have our own bus and boat.

Learning for life - our vision and core values

A diversity of possibilities with outdoor life, local history and traditions

As all community owned kindergartens we are obliged to follow Asker Communities basic values; Openness, Credibility and Mutual Respect.
In our Kindergartens we like to accentuate that the childhood period has its own value, and shall not be seen as only a training arena for adulthood. Children are overall individuals, with their own dreams, thoughts and values here and now, which shall be respected and valued at all times. We wish them to experience a culture of “Yes”, where they are being met by the “Grown Ups” with the attitude that everything you suggest is seen as new possibility and are welcomed.

Our pedagogy

We are based on the model of “Talking and Thinking Floorbooks”, which is a method of documentation developed by Claire Warden, based on the children’s own participation and direction in the process. It is of vital importance that the staff is conducting their practice at the children’s level and follows the child’s interests and questions by inspiring them to try to find their own solutions, and by not giving the “correct” answer immediately. We do the documentation in big Floorbook where the children and the staff contribute together.

Our Basic Attitudes:

  • The consideration to the child is always the most important matter!
  • The second matter is the consideration of the work place!
  • All other considerations are set thereafter.