Health care services in Asker Municipality comprise principally Bærum Hospital, five municipal health clinics, a maternity care centre, as well as a range of other services such as:

  • physiotherapy
  • ergotherapy
  • rehabilitation
  • detoxification
  • psychological health care.

Children's health clinics

Municipal health clinics provide free health care for children up to age 5. There are five clinics in Asker, each staffed with nurses, a doctor, a psychologist and a physiotherapist. All children are examined at regular intervals and provided with vaccinations. In addition, clinics offer home visits for newborns, establishment of mother-and-child groups, counselling and specialist referrals.

For young people between the ages of 12 and 24, the municipal health clinics provide counselling and information on issues like sexuality, sexually transmitted diseases, contraception, drugs, family and relationships.

Maternity care

The municipality offers maternity care to pregnant women. They may choose themselves to go to a midwife or a doctor. Maternity care involves regular check ups and counselling, as well as reservation of ultrasound and registration at the hospital. Home birthing is still fairly uncommon in Norway, though there are growing numbers of midwives qualified to perform home births. The Asker Maternity Care Centre is located at Skysstasjonen 11, 3rd floor, Post Box 104, 1371 Asker. Telephone: 66 76 83 31.

Screening for tuberculosis (TB)

Specific groups in the population are at higher risk of TB infection and must undergo screening.

These groups include:

  • Newly arrived migrants from countries with a high incidence of TB.
  • Close contacts of people with infectious pulmonary TB.
  • People who have been exposed to infection and who will work with patients or children.

Read more about TB and the screening on the website of the Norwegian Institure of Public Health.

Contact Vaksinasjons- og smittevernkontoret (Office for Vaccination and Infection control) for more information, or to book an appointment.

Finding a personal doctor

All residents of the municipality are automatically assigned a personal doctor who provides general medical services, emergency services and house calls when necessary. Personal doctors are obliged to give priority to their own patients. You can change your personal doctor up to two times per year without providing an explanation. Personal doctors are bound by official rules regarding rates, and their prices must be posted in their offices. Please note that you can choose not to have a personal doctor.

To register for a personal doctor, to find out who your or your child's personal doctor is or to change to another doctor please contact the Office for Personal Doctors on telephone +47 810 59 500 (answering machine in Norwegian only) or go to the web site MinFastlege.

Appointments are made directly with the individual doctors' offices. See address and telephone list in Norwegian.

Dental care

For children in Norway up to the age of 18, dental care is provided free of charge. There is a 25 per cent discount for 19 and 20 year-olds.

Emergency services

The Emergency Unit is a 24-hour service located in the new wing of Bærum Hospital, which covers both Asker and Bærum municipalities. If an emergency occurs, you are encouraged first to make contact with your personal doctor. If your personal doctor is not available or is not able to address the problem, go to the Emergency Unit or call 116117 for medical advice.

For life-threatening sickness or accidents, call for an ambulance on 113.