Social services provided by Asker Municipality include counselling, economic assistance, addiction care, refugee settlement, residential loans/Start-up loans and job training. The municipality has three work centres for people with mental or physical handicaps that produce handicrafts, clothes and wood products for sale. For people who are not in work or school, the municipality offers job training in IT, maintenance, gardening and resale of recycled goods. Special housing is available for certain groups. The municipality also manages the long-term care facilities for elderly people for whom home-stay is no longer possible.

The Women's Shelter in Asker and Bærum is a refuge for abused women and provides a 24-hour service. It receives women who have been subjected to abuse or sexual violence and provides an emergency service for girls and woman escaping from forced marriages or circumcision.

Refugees and immigrants

Asker Municipality receives about 40 refugees per year. They are assisted by the municipality's "refugee team" during their first three years in finding accommodation, buying furniture and adjusting to life in Asker. Refugee settlement is jointly handled by Asker Municipality and the Norwegian Directorate of Immigration.