Swim card

Kort fortalt

All 2nd and 10th year students who go to school and/or live in Asker municipality get free entry to Røykenbadet, Risenga swimming pool and Holmen swimming pool.

The swimming card is valid from the first to the last day of the school year (and can of course be used in the autumn, Christmas, winter and Easter holidays).

Access to the swimming pools

To gain free entry to the swimming pool, you must show a swimming card. The card is given to all students in year 2 and 10 at the start of school. If you forget the card, you must buy a ticket at the regular price.

Children in the 2nd year are too young to swim and be alone in the swimming pool. That is why we also provide free entry for one adult per 2nd year student. The adult must be able to swim, has reached the age of 18 yo and must be in the water with the child at all times.

Swimming courses

2nd and 10th year students can use their swim card as a valid entrance ticket in connection with courses. Since the courses are held by instructors who take responsibility for the children during the course, the instructors are therefore considered "the free adult" for 2nd year students. Parents who want to train/swim at the same time as the child is attending a course must therefore buy a regular ticket.

Birthday celebration

For birthday events at Røykenbadet or Risenga swimming hall, guests with a swimming card will not be allowed free/discounted entry. Separate prices apply here.

Lost or not received a card?

If you or your child has lost your swimming card, you can send an e-mail to . The same applies if you live in Asker but go to school in another municipality.