Oppdatert informasjon om koronaviruset. Information on coronavirus.

Informasjonssider om koronasituasjonen i Asker / corona in Asker.

Information on coronavirus in various languages

Information about infection prevention measures, symptoms, testing, where to get medical assistance, quarantine and isolation, travelling and events.

Infection prevention measures

  • Keep at least one meter away from people not in your household
  • Keep washing your hands regularly and thoroughly
  • If you are feeling unwell, stay isolated

Information in other languages

What is a safe distance from other people?


If you get symptoms such as a fever, cough, shortness of breath, loss of taste or smell, sore throat or feel sick, you should get tested.

Flowchart for COVID-19 testing due to symptoms. 

When sick children should stay at home child care and primary school (english). Other languages. 

When adolescents and adults stay home from school/ work and be tested for Covid-19? Other languages. 


Everyone with a recently developed respiratory infection or other symptoms of COVID-19 should take a test. This also applies to close contacts of persons with detected infection, and those who have travelled to areas with a high prevalence of COVID-19.

Testing is free.

Telephone the coronavirus hotline on (0047) 66 71 59 99 if you have questions.

Monday-Friday:08:30am-15.30pm. Saturday-Sunday:09:00am- 15:00pm.

Order a test:

Make an appointment

  • via this form
  • telephone the coronavirus hotline (0047) 66 71 59 99

Test station 

Testing takes place outdoors in a test tent in the parking lot of Vardåsen church.

Address: Vardefaret 40, 1388 Borgen.

You can not show up for testing without having an appointment in advance.

The testing takes place from Monday to Saturday. On Sundays, the test station is closed.

Test results

Whilst waiting for your test results, you must stay at home and avoid infecting others. When your COVID-19 test has been analysed, you will be contacted and informed about the result, normally between 1-3 days. If we have not been in touch with you within three days, please telephone our coronavirus hotline on: (0047) 66 71 59 99 . If you have a Norwegian personal identification number (fødsels- og personnummer) you can also find your test result at www.helsenorge.no

Quarantine and isolation

Who should be in quarantine and isolation and how it should be carried out.

Videoes about quarantine and isolation in other languages. 

Travel advise

Infection control advice for travel and entry quarantine

Events and social gatherings

Even though there are many restrictions, it is possible to get together both at home and outside of home for celebrations, occasions to be marked or if we want to gather for private events.

Some might wonder how many people can be together, how to go about serving food at private events and whether grandparents can spend time with their grandchildren. 

Advice for events and social gatherings


How to use medical face masks and cloth face coverings correctly. Information in other languages

Questions and answers about coronavirus

Questions and answers about coronavirus translated to other languages

General information

Information about the coronavirus in other languages from the Norwegian Institute of Public Health

Facts and advices on various themes concerning the coronavirus situation in Norway (helsenorge.no) - brochures and videos in several languages.

Information in various language from Frivilligsentralene (Volunteers).